The Sunday Journal


Let's talk about Cyber Security!


On this week’s Sunday Journal we talk to a cyber security expert about the recent PR nightmare for Target, a security breach that resulted in stolen consumer financial information. According to Dr. Tammara Combs, it should never have happened. But it has, and it's likely to occur again and again, unless companies and consumers take the proper prevention steps.

Dr. Tammara Combs, named in Savoy Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential Leaders in Corporate America, knows first-hand what is required to attain network security. Dr.Combs, who is CEO of CanWe Studios, provides thoughtful insight on the future of network security and offers us very useful information about what we can do as consumers to protect our information. is a mobile app that uses science to achieve productive business networking. CanWeNetwork matches you to other business connections in your area, thereby creating more business opportunities.




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