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Public School Demystification & Guidance. This is for you Parents!


As Moms & Dads there is nothing we dread more than making that ALL IMPORTANT decision of "Which school should we send our kids to?" It can confuse, fuel arguments, & definitely suply some headaches. That is why I've asked Tanya Anton to come talk with The Sunday Journal. As a mom, she understands our plight. Not only will you learn about the system, but she'll also define the terminology, & break down the much as she can in 30 minutes or less. I could do a show every week with Tanya!


CLICK TO LISTEN: Kristin Cruz with guest Tanya Anton  Go Mama Guide

Who is Tanya Anton: Author of 3 guidebooks on how to navigate our crazy public school system in LA. She offers one-on-one public school consultations both in-home or via phone or Skype where she goes over all your public school options including magnets and charters based on where you live. "House Chats" are a popular option if you gather 4 or more friends and want to learn about schools together. Tanya also leads seminars, and speaks at many area schools, returning yearly.

The Newsletter: (I highly recommend!!) It's full of breaking District and school news, articles, tips and info which will enhance your school experience and keep you informed. Clink the link to sign up on her Go Mama Guide website. 
Follow Tanya's blog & join the conversation on her Facebook Page with constant updates for a timely stream of school info and discussion.

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